Humanitarian Mission

Amelia Sky Race humanitarian mission is to help the neediest mothers with kids in poor countries with food and medical assistance.

"The Flying Angels for Mothers with kids Foundation" along with many international women organizations, government agencies, international corporations and private citizens are collaborating in this noble cause. During the race, the participating teams are delivering the humanitarian aid and medical assistance directly to mothers based on the list submitted by local authorities in each country. In most serious cases, mothers needed special medical emergency assistance are taken to local hospitals.

The following medical centers taking part in Amelia Sky Race Humanitarian Mission:

South America:
Clinica las Condes, Chile
Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein, Brazil
Cleveland Clinic
Johns Hopkins Medicine
Massachusetts General Hospital
Arnold Palmer Medical Center and Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women and Babies
Boston Children's Hospital
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
St. Jude Children Research Hospital
Assistance Publique Hopitaux de Paris, France
University Clinic Heidelberg, Germany

For information on the Amelia Sky Race humanitarian program, please contact Mr. Andrew Grubin at
or give us a call at 1.212.767.9656.

Flying Angels for Mothers with Kids Foundation

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