The inaugural 2021 Amelia Sky Race scheduled to start on April 18th from the south most country in Latin America, Chile. Then the pilots will make stops in Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Mexico. Crossing into North America, the race will have two stops in USA and two stops in Canada. From there, the race makes its way through the challenging weather conditions of Greenland and Iceland. The race will enter its final stage when the pilots reach Europe - Great Britain, France, with last stop in Ukraine. In the inaugural 2021 Amelia Sky Race the participating teams are: Team Americas, Team USA, Team Europe, Team France, Team Italy, Team Ukraine.
The following, 2022 Amelia Sky Race, will have an extended route and more competing teams from additional countries.

Team Americas
Team USA
Team Europe
Team France
Team Italy
Team Ukraine

For information please contact the Technical Director of the Race, Mr. Luca Zadra at